Welcome to our events page, where you can find information about upcoming yoga events at our studio in Cocoa Beach, Florida. From workshops to retreats, our events offer opportunities to deepen your practice, learn new skills, and connect with the yoga community. Our experienced instructors and guest teachers bring their unique expertise and passion to each event, creating a supportive and uplifting environment for all participants. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, there is something for everyone at our yoga events. Check back often for updates and join us for an unforgettable yoga experience.

For days and time please check bottom of current schedule:

Gongs & Crystal Bowls Healing Session

(Empowerment through Sound)

Everything in creation is actually energy, vibrating at different frequencies, low to high.  Human beings are also vibrating energy forms.  Our bodies are 70% water which is an excellent conductor for sound.  The Gongs and Alchemy Crystal Bowls sounds will stimulate the body cells to vibrate in sympathy and literally tune them up.  Thus helping any imbalances or stagnation anywhere.  

 Jill & Joyce have been playing gongs since 2017 and have completed level 1 & 2 with the Mike Tamburo (Crown of Eternity).  This is a lying or sitting experience.  If you need help getting up off the floor or have a health condition we can provide a massage table, just let us know.  

Guided Meditation along with Alchemy Crystal Bowls

In this event you will experience the angelic blissful sounds of alchemy crystal bowls (Jill) while receiving healing words (Regina) of a guided meditation.  Creating balance and a sense of well being.  

This is a lying or sitting experience.  If needed we can provide a massage table if difficult to lay on the floor.